Life indeed isn't fair

Yesterday, a fellow dota personality, an extraordinary energetic friend (whom I won't reveal his name) reached me at IGS and invited me to a casual conversation.

We had a quite long talk about what is happening since he was absent from the scene for a moment (also a few friendly banter). About stuffs.. But one thing interesting is when he asked about my story, and how I managed to be at where I am right now.

So I shared quite a lot about it. How and why I quit my study to pursue a gaming career, and my risky life-changing decisions. For sure I want to know why he wanted to know more about it but since he's super talkative he started to share his story before I even asked for.

At the moment he is in a complicated situation.. Quite the same thing people will experience in their teenage going into adult life. But there is a difference.. and I think it's a harder situation than mine.

I cannot give so much advice. I'm not a doctor, I'm also a troubled person. You know I told him to 'follow your heart', and stuffs like that.. but I know people will have different experiences despite other's golden advice. And some won't work for others.. I believe people will need to take a lesson from their own mistakes. And that's what makes life a life.

I forgot to tell him one thing..

Life isn't fair.

Some are born with a better condition, and some are not. Better looks, wealth, family status, you name it.

Me, too, I think I started life with some perks others didn't have. But then I started realizing that I don't have what others have as well.. Or there is someone who has more.. That makes me suffer a form of depression.

Well yeah I still believe life isn't fair. So I just live with whatever I have right now..

He's a great person, a few who is willing to give more than receive. I must admit his passion for dota is incredibly awesome and I feel sad to hear his current situation.

I hope he will find out what's best for his life. God speed.


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